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Exclusive U.S. Distributor of AutoStem a High Explosive Alternative
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Mines and Quarries

AutoStem is well suited for narrow-reef mining operations in underground mines, and for rock breaking of all types in sensitive areas because:

  • There are no shockwaves – the cartridge does not compromise hanging wall and footwall conditions, so no overbreak is created.
  • It is extremely safe, meaning handling and storage poses no site-risk.
  • There is no pulverisation of high value commodity – improving yield and fragmentation size consistency in the blasting process.
  • Continuous mining is a reality – you only need a minimal clearing area and no harmful gasses are released.
  • Suitable for coal mining – large masses of coal can be dislocated with almost no loss in the form of fines and/ or dust.
  • Most cost effective secondary breaking solution
  • AutoStem is also an attractive option in quarrying operations, for all secondary breaking requirements, and in low-height benching work.
  • No clearing area is required– there is no downtime when drilling and blasting.
  • There is no flyrock- equipment does not have to be removed and rock breaking can occur in sensitive areas without ground shock.


AutoStem is very well suited for tunnelling applications in civil environments and sensitive areas. Creating the possibility for continues tunnelling without compromising the structural integrity of tunnel walls or ceilings, AutoStem Cartridges are simple and effective to use. Vibration and clearing demands are drastically reduced and with a consistent fragmentation size, the mucking-out demand is reduced, as is ventilation and clearing. There are no harmful fumes created with the use of AutoStem Cartridges and because there is no rock pulverisation, there is minimal dust. A reduced risk of flyrock also improves working conditions and the minimisation of vibration effects is key in sensitive areas.

AutoStem is great for tunnelling as:

  • Tunnelling can be carried out on a continuous basis – without compromising the structural walls of the tunnel.
  • Ventilation and clearing demands are drastically reduced.
  • There is no vibration – which is key in sensitive areas.
  • Minimal risk of fly rock.

Civil Rock Breaking

AutoStem is very well tailored for civil demolition and mass excavation works:

  • Rock breaking can occur all day with minimal cover and no flyrock.
  • No shockwave vibration – so no removal of heavy equipment is required. This makes AutoStem perfect for in-city rock breaking applications, especially where low vibration readings (PPV) is a requirement. In addition,
  • Suitable for residential rock breaking where vibration, flyrock and gasses are not at all tolerable by the surrounding community.
  • Various cartridges sizes make various burden and spacing patterns achievable in all types of concrete and rock.
  • Suitable for rock and concrete cutting close to water supply pipes, fuel lines etc.
  • Suitable for delicate rescue work underground or in collapsed concrete structure

Underwater Rock Breaking

AutoStem cartridges are fully waterproof and can be used in wet and dry conditions alike. Popular with commercial divers where stemming is a demanding component of charging up using conventional explosives, AutoStem can be used in water to a depth in excess of 30m for rock and concrete breaking. No shockwaves are caused – so there is no disruption to ports or harbours with the use of AutoStem Cartridges. There is very limited impact on sea life and safety levels, as a primary concern, are radically improved. AutoStem Cartridges do not require the use of a detonator, so no dangerous “charging up” requirements are placed on the operator. Simply drop the cartridge into the borehole and you’re ready to initiate.

  • No shockwaves are caused – so there is no disruption to ports or harbours.
  • Very limited impact on sea life.
  • Sequential blasting is possible – this radically reduces blasting time and construction/ demolition costs.


AutoStem – rock breaking cartridges are well suited for civils excavation and trenching operations. The convenience factor in the use of AutoStem Cartridges makes the technology the method of choice in ground clearing, mass excavation and trenching in sensitive and remote areas alike. Continuous trenching is achievable without the need to remove equipment during the blasting cycle as AutoStem creates no shockwave and minimal fly-rock. On-site storage of our products is permitted, keeping AutoStem Cartridges close at hand in the event of unexpected rock in trenching works. Hard or brittle embedded rock is easily overcome with the use of the 60g-100g AutoStem Cartridge range. Non-Detonating Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers its customers complimentary technical support in drilling pattern designs and power cartridge selection.

    • Continuous trenching is achievable.

No requirement to remove equipment during blasting cycle.

Dimensional Stone Cutting

AutoStem Cartridges are well suited for delicate stone breaking or rock breaking work. AutoStem does not create a shockwave so the 20g cartridge can be used to size stone without the concern for overbreak or over-fracture. This ensures that one can maintain the quality of the stone and its value when carrying out dimensional stone breaking and sizing on previous marbles and other rock. Enquire with Non-Detonating Solutions (Pty) Ltd for any technical assistance as may be required to ensure a maximum benefit from the use of AutoStem Cartridges.

  • AutoStem does not create a shockwave so the 20g cartridge can be used to size stone without overbreakor compromising the stone, maintaining the rock value.

Concrete Breaking

AutoStem can be used for all general rock and concrete breaking applications, whilst ensuring safety of use with complete control in the hands of the operator. Depending on the burden, spacing and power charge used, the operator can fully determine the type of break achieved by using AutoStem Cartridges. Classified as a 1,4s technology, use of the Cartridge is not complicated by the onerous demands and limitations of conventional high explosives and overcomes the cost and time consuming nature associated with the use of mechanical peckers. The AutoStem Cartridge is simple to store and transport and looked upon favourably by international accreditation agencies given its safe profile and effectiveness.
Without the onerous demands and limitations of conventional high explosives
Without the cost and time consuming nature of conventional mechanical breakers.