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Exclusive U.S. Distributor of AutoStem a High Explosive Alternative
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AutoStem offers the highest energy pyrotechnic rock breaking cartridge world-over, having introduced the world’s first self-stemming cartridge in 2013 with AutoStem Generation 1.  Gen 1 range is 20g-100g Max borehole size 1 3/8″.

We introduced the AutoStem Generation 2 in 2014 as the world’s first 43mm pyrotechnic cartridge range with dual self-stemming capability. Generation 2 range 150g-300g, Max borehole size 1 7/8″.

The AutoStem range of pyrotechnic cartridges is 3g to 1700g borehole size 3/8″ to 4″ borehole making AutoStem pyrotechnic cartridges the largest range of pyrotechnic blasting cartridges available world-over.

Still a product favorite world-wide, the AutoStem range of pyrotechnic products offer numerous advantages over other rock breaking methods in sensitive locations and for specific rock breaking needs.

All products are accredited internationally and recognised as 1,4s UN 0323 / UN 0432 / UN 0349

  • Classified as 1.4S item of pyrotechnic
  • No explosive accessories or detonators required
  • 2x the energy of a conventional packaged explosive
  • Fitted with patented on/off safety switch

No manual tamping required, making for the safest working environment in blasting

Proudly bringing you the most innovative products in non-detonating technology since 1997

Download our most recent brochure:
Click Here: Autostem Gen III


The cartridge stems itself. Use requires no additional stemming effort by the operator. It is the world’s only drop-and-go cartridge.


The AutoStem range is accompanied by a range of booster cartridges, enabling the operator to easily increase his charge.

Water Tightness

Ensures efficiency in water clogged boreholes and in wet conditions.

Vertical and Horizontal Holes

Cartridges can be used in any orientation, suitable for above and underground work.


The AutoStem Rock Breaking Cartridge removes the requirement for tamping from the operator by stemming itself upon initiation.



All Gen III products can be integrated with centralised blasting systems

Electric and detonator-shocktube product options available

concrete breaking

5mm product range with detonator/shocktube integrated

43mm product range with detonator/shocktube integrated

60mm and 87mm product range with detonator/shocktube integrated