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Exclusive U.S. Distributor of AutoStem a High Explosive Alternative
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About Us

Exclusive U.S. Distributor of AutoStem

some info about us

No Stemming

The AutoStem Cartridge requires no stemming and is simply dropped into a borehole by the operator. The initiating wire is then connected to the blaster’s firing cable and initiated by a conventional shot firer.

Non-Detonating Solutions

(Pty) Ltd also supplies the AutoStem booster, which is a supplementary cartridge (of 60g or 100g), which can be used in conjunction with the AutoStem Cartridge in a borehole, to augment the total charge delivered to the rock. This simple application makes the AutoStem Cartridge very user friendly, leaving the end-result achievable completely up to the operator.


The AutoStem Cartridge offers unparalleled safety. Because the cartridges do not detonate, there is no fire, flame, spark or explosion caused. Classified by the United Nations under either UN 0323 and UN 0432, these cartridges are deemed safe for transport, even on a passenger airplane, and have a shelf life of 18 months.

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