Autostem U.S. | FAQ
Exclusive U.S. Distributor of AutoStem a High Explosive Alternative
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Frequently Asked Questions

What size cartridge is required per cubic meter or rock?
This depends on the type of rock and desired result. The operator is in full control of the type of break achieved. In this regard, Autostem offers controlled rock breaking. Autostem Technical Support is available to assist all users to determine the optimum loading requirements and drilling pattern for each and every type of job at no cost.

How many cartridges can you set off simultaneously?

The Autostem controller is available in two sizes. The introductory level controller can initiate up to 60 cartridges simultaneously, with battery life lasting in some cases over 12 months, even with regular use. Batteries required are 9v battery commonly found in supermarkets. The more powerful Autostem controller can initiate several hundred cartridges simultaneously.

Do you offer sequential firing?

Yes, Autostem sequential firing technology, a first of its kind, offers operators an easy to use sequential firing alternative.

Does the AutoStem need stemming?

No, the AutoStem cartridge is a drop-and-go cartridge and capable of stemming itself

Is any training required to use Autostem?

Autostem is a very simple technology to use, but some basic training is recommended before using Autostem Technology. This training can be carried out on your site, using your equipment and creating a familiarity with your rock structures. This training takes 2 – 4 days. Please enquire with Autostem about trainer availability and schedules.

I understand that Autostem does not detonate – so are there any transport limitations?

Because Autostem is classified as non-detonating, it can be transported with no limitations, even by a passenger airplane. Sea freight and road freight are both viable options for transportation too.

Are there any harmful gasses and chemical leaching from the use of AutoStem?

Autostem does not cause any chemical leaching or release harmful gasses. The gaseous composition of Autostem is similar to that of air. Gasses consist of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen and water vapour. There is no physical residue or leaching of any chemicals at all.

Can AutoStem be used underwater?

Yes. Autostem is very effective underwater, with no disruption to sea port. Aquatic life is untouched as there are no shockwave vibrations caused by Autostem Cartridges.